A voice stirred behind me,
listlessly, and filled with languid air
I turned to see

A face so wan,
crafted of such emotion particularly that of pathos,

A heart that has been scarred,
bent and broken, both—

Grave eyes,
that dug in so deep
into a ravenous mystery of romance,
they peered right through me
so close, they dared to see

At that very instant, moment,
I knew I’d want her

Her palms were creased with lines
that bore such as a similar fate to mine,
they reached towards me

And, I could feel her fragile broken self

Like any great song,
My heart palpitated along; by her
with every slow rhythmic beat to hers
She motioned to me helplessly

‘Fix me, dear please’
curving the edges of her little mouth,
craving of lustful romance,
Her eyes bore into mine imploringly

Tears beaded around my eyelids,
She flashed me a glimpse of her pain
and while she took my hands into hers,
caressing, circling them—
Our fates seemed to unite

So, we wept and wept
Slowly sipping into this dark night,
conjoining every element of this passion

And, who had known me better than all of this time
At this very instant, moment,
I knew I’d want her.

-Shweta Kher


  1. creativityitch · June 25, 2016

    To be lost so completely, one finds them selves…


    • Shweta Kher · June 25, 2016

      That’s one way of saying it. And, there’s poetry. 😋


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