Turning in semester four,
hearing conversations being made of internships galore,
Melancholy crawled in—
while anxeity wore the prospects of my future
To fret and doss about in search of new places
I oscillated between my new callings

Brimming with an ocean of knowledge,
having no laws of limitation,
I clawed the opportunity laid in front of me,
only to let in and be welcomed which channeled and grappled me through a chain of new beginnings,
A process of becoming;
in the role I played as an apprentice

This place I tell you,
little in its size—
having no place to walk over
while we squeezed our way past the room
with boxes and files stacked beneath one another,
heavy in their size
submerging their weight onto;
I was engulfed in pages aged and worn of evident experience,
as they clung onto their corpulence
while I played the role as an apprentice

This place I tell you
never seemingly not enough
I was accomplished and accompanied by
an erudite, as my mentor
A man of Seventy-two—
with the brightest intellect he wore beyond his glasses,
and the verve of energy he carried
while marking long strides every Friday to be our ‘Court Day’
over the lunch breaks we shared often,
riffling through pages and documents aplenty
I was a seeker in my own skin, playing thoroughly, the role of an apprentice

Weaving in an endless web of learning
with passing of every day,
which pressed onto my white shirts I ironed daily,
the black blazer I dutifully donned,
clutching my diary held against me,
with notes dictated and dates smeared onto its pages,
in the blazing summer of October heat
I was let in and welcomed
to quench my thirst of learning
A process of becoming;
in the role I played as an apprentice

This place I tell you why,
As, I retire from this eventful short journey
For todays’ and tomorrows’ there will forever be—
I, now, bid adieu and step into the tides of my new calling
with so much to learn and seek for
And, to my inner most deep sense of this prized experience,
I’d find this place
for, this place, I’ve been a part of
has been a greater part of me
through my process of becoming in the role I boundenly played as an apprentice.

– Shweta Kher

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