The winds that gallivant across the salty seas get me high,
I immerse myself into this profound happy place,
subdued emotions drowing me—
unfathomably to a place
one that is ecstatic,
by the name of illusion I weave

Awakening myself in a lucid dream
I find myself in a reverie—
bylanes and cabins that pass through scented flowers
which make way for a lovely home
My heart blooms,
over the freshness of their sight
and fragrance that carries me to a land far unknown

I stay here for as long as I can
it breaths to me
The freedom I’ve not known
Resigning to my own calling,
I belie and run around in circles
submitting to the figment of my mind; a peice reserved
I elude from this morbid reality
transcending borders
and, here’s where I often nestle
in a labyrinth of my own chimera
A strange peacefulness takes ahold of me

This heavenly abode—
a creature of my mind
embraces me warmly,
in a comfortable space and zone
lifting my spirits high
I float and sit on the clouds made of cotton candy
enjoying the candescent colours of sunlight as they fall on me,
The naked air giggles and mumbles its musings playfully
It tingles and plays with my hair
blustering over a calm breezy day as it proposes to be
Resting myself,
I reside in this haven
A fortress of own invent and imagination
This is what I am,
It is what I shall ever be.

– Shweta Kher


  1. thelonelyauthorblog · May 2, 2019

    Gorgeous finale


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