Walk me through
a boulevard of unbroken dreams,
cradle me in thoughts of hope
Unravel me to unencumber,
courage that I must unfold

Let me now;
live through this happy moment
that my mind converges to fixate upon;

The salty water gushes at my feet
and, so, I peer to see
reflections of happy moments that gather—
in depths, hollows
they come to meet

Heading towards the mountains
that echo my wraith,
I hear my name being called,
to beckon me and fondly embrace dreams I’ve dared;
in nature’s whispers they halt,

My eyes fall upon on a marigold flower
it awakens an optimism that never tears;
in yellowish-golden streams
threadlike bare,
to rejuvenate my mind
I collapse into this happy hour

In grasslands, meadows
uncovered with trials
Do I find myself
loitering, lingering over hours that stray

In stillness,
they engulf my mind
to encounter with this momentarily headed happy hour
an hour, I’ve willfully embraced

A clipped happy moment this is:
I now feel the grass stubble tickle my back,
In serenity, I lay,
playing to the rhythmic beat of the winds,
my mind tapes to plug its singing ears
over a mixed record of joyful feelings

I sweetly savour
my body, my skin
Consuming me as a whole
I negate from afflictions
and ablution my vulnerabilities; surrending to this happy hour

Reeling in—
to make this be
a happy moment of mine
I cling onto the minutes I’ve encountered,
Bottled in this happy hour
I churn in a whirlwind of days I treasure

And, so I stay,
Just for a little longer
as I slowly, unwillingly depart
with every minute
from this finite happy moment of mine.

– Shweta Kher


  1. johncoyote · September 5, 2019

    Reblogged this on johncoyote and commented:
    Amazing poetry by a talented writer.

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  2. johncoyote · September 5, 2019

    A amazing poem dear Shweta.

    Liked by 1 person

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