I met a man
who I poured all my heart to
with no desire to be loved back
And, in my all selfless-ness did I love
only to be scarred in broken ends
those ends which would never mend
Time healed, of course
only to make me learn
never to loose yourself,
when you love someone else.

I met a man
who I loved a little less
with every desire to be loved
in all my selfish-ness, did I love
only to loose him in regrets
regrets which I would never forget
Time healed, of course
only to make me learn
Never to be afraid while loving someone
for each time love happens,
You, bend, break and mend.

I met a man,
who I never loved at all
but which, felt a lot closer to love
with no desire to love or be loved this time
And, so did I,
stumble upon certain feelings,
feelings made up of various affections
that confounded this poor heart
Only to make me learn,
to love someone, isn’t the same as loving the idea of having to love and be loved.

Every time,
I’ve met a man
who I’ve loved or not loved
I’ve come in touch with a great deal of feelings,
feelings which, I am unaware of,
only to learn that,
love is made up of incoherent ideas,
ideas which are:
maddening, heart wrenching, beautiful, which fill one’s heart in all warmness—
like that of a light breeze
filtering in
through a door slightly ajar,
sunshine which flutters
from the gloomiest piece of a broken cloud,
And, which sweeps over
a wave of agony, hope
while, uncertainty grips fate,
Only to make one learn,
each time, love happens,
A broken heart, is part of the lovely affair to its end.

– Shweta Kher


  1. johncoyote · April 23, 2020

    When we allow love in. We need to swim in her joy. The sad part of love. Are the highs and lows we shall learn. A wonderful poem shared dear Shweta.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Shweta Kher · April 24, 2020

    Agreed, John. Love is a bitter sweet experience.
    Thank you for you comment and for encouraging me to write more. 🙂


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