I wait in search of you
I wait to fall in folds
of this idea named “love”

They say,
I’d feel the nature rising
where I’d find it beyond ravishing
which would take me in an embrace
of a kind hearted man with traits of an “ideal one”

They say,
he’d woo me against all odds
in japes of a humor of my taste
And, so,
I’d snigger and fall in peels of laughter;
one which, I would hardly be able to contain

Witty, o’ wise,
thus, my search begins
Now that I hear so much about love
I wait in places that look promising,
where you find to comfort me
making them toes and fingers curl

My heart sounding silly and beyond reason
And, with your warm smile;
in depts of despair,
you recover me—coming tither
in the most unasked graceful way

What do I say!
You play in every figment of my mind
in tales I find to create,
passing off the loveliest remarks;
in search of validation
I please to participate

How lovely are you I think?
Like the red roses,
appealing to my eye, you are
carrying a redolence
I wish for you to stay in a frolic “forever”
summoning you in my arms wrapped tightly,
around days that behold to be my best

You come like a box of assortments I wonder,
in every surprise to mine,
shaped in all its “delightfulness”
And, let’s not forget the euphoric moment
I have on our first encounter;
We have,
the loveliest conversation of minds
where you and I are drawn in a heart shaped fantasy,
making a silhouette by the dusk that falls on an eventide

My thoughts are midway interjected
just when you have escaped
into the sunset sky,
in horizons of an imagery I’ve touched
I am sadly interrupted, by a query on my mind
to resume to the start of this very tale,
one I’d missed to say, that is,
the tale of a man I’ve never met.

– Shweta Kher

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