Crystal blue eyes,
Wearied their way down to a mount full of hopes and dreams

In his leather brown jacket he stood afar,
Gaping at the rooftops,
His gaze lifted above

And his hair dangled over his face with the winds that came

Fly, I want to fly

Spreading his arms across the winds,
They brought him respite from the emotions and things that once tethered him to a pile of regretful events

‘Be unbound’, it murmured

Carrying him into an alternate universe
He flew,
Like a bird

Soaring high,
Reaching amidst those bountiful skies and the winds that danced above,
Into the distinct lands afar,
That were once unknown
He sought another world to be in
Collide into me,
Be unbound

He moved farther away and above,
To hold onto his mount full of hopes and dreams,
Adhering to the promises that were once made

The world looked nothing like it seemed,
He clasped tight onto this safe haven
Never letting it go

Be unbound
You are free now

Warm and soulful,
Filling up every void within,
To answer to his every unattended question

The world is limitless,
Collide into me,
Be unbound

And, that there would be no worried tomorrow
No yesterday that fills you in with remorse
He landed onto this safe haven

Be unbound
You are free now

-Shweta Kher


A bruised knee,
The first cry

A warm hug

The first laugh;
A broken heart
Growing up
Nothing but a long lost memory

Drive away,
From the city to the lost road

Are we there yet?
Back to those tender years,
That are reminiscent of the dear loved ones

Featuring a movie of your own,
But you’re just no longer twelve

Flashbacks walk you down to your little self
And the cadence of dear ones calling you
Bring you back to home.

Are we there yet?
Back to those tender years,
That lead you to nothing but a long lost memory.

-Shweta Kher



A scotch – like morning,
Sozzled and heavily drenched,
Into those brown buttoned eyes
The sun rays beamed with glee
There she was

In her orange – hued sun dress
Summer as ever,
She complemented the season
She was a sheer joy, indeed.

Besides me, she stood
Flimsy as her hair,
Warm as whisky,
Her laugh wafted in the air
Parting those lips,
Painted red,
She took in a melodious sigh
Oh, what a marvelous thing she was!

She had the most artistic hands,
Meticulously made,
She drew them close to me

Our little tale,
Not so little anymore

We stood on the edge of our future,
I succumbed to every bit of her
And, so did she

You ask, she’s beautiful?
Oh, well. She’s just more to it
She’s the very soul to my body.

-Shweta Kher



She had the most brittle heart,
Made up of glass,
Which reflected many of the sorrowful events

The nights reminded her of them,
As she was gunned down by the monsters under her bed

Breathing heavily against her pillowcase,
Lines of worry creased her face
Deep and unsettling,
Events of remorse etched onto her mind

Across the lampshade,
Placed a bottle of prescribed pills that just wouldn’t do

She knew she had to find a cure,
She had to pull it together,
To slay the monsters of midnight

-Shweta Kher




The day arrived,
Inflicting the very words upon themselves,
They endeared a path,
For it is a lifetime now

The one they had desired for their own,


She planted fragile kisses,
Over a framed photograph
There was this man,
Who owned her smile and her heart,
Which had become heavy now

Emotions reverberated through an open door,


Those wrinkled fingers played over the many written letters,
That aged with grace yet perfumed with a scent of unforgettable affairs
Spread across the wooden floor,


30 years ago, was it?

But it was today, she recalled
She walked to an empty chair

The photographs;
The letters,
They talked for almost an evening
It was today, they talked about.

-Shweta Kher



Hair untwined in
Thoughts rambled on

The room perspired in trepidation,
Time heaved itself grain
by grain

That’s no tragedy they say,
It was a call on fate to make.

-Shweta Kher



Chambered within,
A week’s by,

She was tormented with lament and guilt
Of what she had done to herself,
She had to obliterate this misery

As, she geared up towards the tiled floor
Scrapping off the filth,
She flopped around the circles of water

Washing away a week’s by,
She sunk in deep
Time was lost to her,
Day was forgotten

A weeks by,
She donned on a blue coat,
To see the rays of the sun
Welcomed with a warm melody
She forged on a ray of belief

A week’s by,
She smiled meekly
A reflection of what she looked like
Caught her on the way

‘A week’s by and I missed you too’,
the girl in mirror smiled.

-Shweta Kher



Unclenched, I
My mind lingered

Across the deep blue sky and the heart of a green tree,
Unknown were the cries of the people

Atoned of sins and the dark days,
I refrained myself from the worries of tomorrow

My thoughts gamboled with the shenanigans of the wind

‘Today is your day’, it murmured

I knew
It had to be

Nature seemed to agree in its terms,
It was in blithe to my foible,
I professed to be to who I wanted to be

I cringed in dismay,
Never to leave this abode,
I let myself down
I lay dormant, in repose


Oh what are dreams made of?

It was the sunshine that woke me up from this ecstasy.

-Shweta Kher




they held their breath against one another.
It was a long pause.

though it seemed like seconds ago
maybe this is how it ends,
we have our different ways

‘Don’t you cry’

tears withheld themselves in agony

as they clutched against their left over time
they wailed wordlessly.

they squeezed their hearts out,
Cried out their farewell dauntlessly

unkind and unjust,
time seemed to play it’s fair game

if only it had the faintest idea of what it did to them

within seconds,
years of belonging cremated past them

in them, they bore their final goodbyes
while only, embers of distinguished memories remained

never again perhaps,
they took off with the characters they played

– Shweta Kher


Among the many faces, Among the many pieces, Only, ‘she’ was adored by many Flawless skinned, Impeccable made, She was carved out of hunger Her hands were devoid by the need of touch again, She stood stark and white She felt emotions rage, As her…