Dodging away formed prejudices,
while eyes roll and snide comments brush past us—
To abasement that leads to despair and destruction;
In fear of which, most of us, subject ourselves to the drudgery of flawed impressions

Lest parting ourself;
We hide into the scent of others, while shedding the scent of our truest self,
We inhume the living skeletons in a closet of our buried lies
to exhume and let fear inflict on our pride

Let me tell you now this now:
The truth we turmoil our hearts in;
We submit at the behest of preconceived notions and dismaying nods that speak unjustly for,
while many of us cast our shadows with the reflections of anticipatory insolent remarks we fear of
Lying underneath which—
is a shallow garb,
while the outer shell chaffs leaving alone to be it our nameless devotion.

– Shweta Kher