Sometimes my heart feels so heavy,
like the steel weighing upon me
I feel wearied to live such days
Sometimes my heart feels so alive,
with the beauty I’m surrounded by
I feel happy to live such days
Sometimes my heart feels banal
to the purpose of existence
I feel fultile to live such days

To all such times—
I feel happy, anxious about living
I’ve realised life is coming of moments,
we wish to encounter and have encountered with
making us the center of everything that happens in a universe so large enough
in little parts that we play;
We habour, reside midst emotions,
emotions we confront, delude and chase.

– Shweta Kher


We bequeath ourselves to it each time and upon its realisation—we are fettered by the chains of happenstance and incidents,

A feeling more intensely and elaborately felt,

previous in its time— it precedes each time and hits with a greater intensity than once ever felt,

An expectation taking a wrong expedition,

belonging everywhere and to each one,

it has its own time,

to move and pass through;

for such time has to pass by,

it is a word that carries weight of a heavier thing than we used to know.

– Shweta Kher


The mist

the glow

and the ruddy pink sky sails

befalling us, one all, in a pit of emotions

that we seek to preserve

not to alone perish and die

Unbidden thoughts
dawn over

sending us lullabies of a far away land we seek to pursue

not to alone perish and die
Humans are we,

our bodies linger and ache

over the graves of people we were once tethered to

bound by sentiments

we cry

for death may cost us

not to alone perish and die.

– Shweta Kher