I came to love myself,
over the disappointments taught to me,
over beliefs and faiths admonished by life;
a sinister of revelations brought to me

I came to love myself,
in search and discoveries of new callings
the exclaimed use of passion
Where I found them to be—
hidden in books and poetry,
the picturesque orange tinted sky,
flowered seasons and roads that radiate;
from an autumn’s fall on its leaves

I came to love myself
to take delight in places I visited;
basking in nature’s astound beauty
the people I observed at restaurants, waiting for tables;
clattering plates and dishes,
serving and savouring taste buds to form exquisite flavours
Realising in entirety,
Self fulfillment—an unrealistic expectation
is never to be achieved and dreamed

I came to love myself
Last but not the least—
in undefining yourself,
reconstructing spaces,
Demolishing built dreams
To fulfilling just a day; over a simple survival’s guide
For self love,
is a matter of loving yourself
in the ways contrived in mind.

– Shweta Kher